Mobile Version

EduPage Mobile

1) EduPage application is downloaded from Google Play Store or App Store.



2) On the homepage of EduPage, click 'login - I do not know the login or password ‘ and 'connect the guest ' afterwards.



3) The reason for logining the system as a guest is the feasibility to add all faculties by logining as a guest.


4) In order to view the courses of a department, you are required to enter the website of the faculty of relevant department. For example, for the student of the Faculty of Engineering;


-Faculty Of Arts&Sciences:                                              

-Faculty of Fine Arts, Design And Architecture:                  

-Faculty of Law:                                                             

-Faculty of Management:                                                 

-Faculty Of Engineering:                                                  

-School of Civil Aviation:                                                  


5) After clicking ‘Continue ’ , the status of the person to display the course schedule will be selected. E-mail address is required for logining the system.



6) In order to add other Faculties, click ‘add more or remove users-add user ’ option opened on the left tab through icon ‘’ on the homepage. By this means, you are able to add all faculties by repeating the same transactions, even if you login with different e-mail addresses.



7) You may access class, instructor, classroom or course information by clicking ‘Timetable ’ option and delete a lesson, which you do not take, from your system by clicking ‘ this is not my lesson ’.



8) Moreover, notifications will be sent to your phone in case of any changes.